About Cisco CME and CM

PDThere are two main types of Cisco Phone System.

@@CME(CUCME): Router type

@@@@ESmall to medium-size (from a few users to about 400 users)

@@@@EMain equipment (Router) is only one (Voice mail is also built-in the router).
@@@@ENo duplication

@@CM(CUCM): Server type

@@@@Business Edition 6000

@@@@@@EMedium to large-size (up to about 1000 users)

@@@@@@EMain equipment (Server) are from one to several.
@@@@@@ERouter is needed as Gateway.
@@@@@@EDuplication (Clustering)

@@@@Business Edition 7000

@@@@@@Elarge-size (more than 40000 users)

@@@@@@EMain equipment (Server) are several.
@@@@@@ERouter is needed as Gateway.
@@@@@@EDuplication (Clusterring)

QDCorresponding to the language of the world for phone disply and voice mail.

Example of Cisco IP phone and Router: