Remote Hands

We go to your Japanese site and connect our PC, so you can configure from outside of Japan.

    Cetis Hotel Phones

     Sole Distributor in Japan

For NEC Aspire users, foreign-affiliated users, vendors handling Cetis hotel phones,

Don't you have the following problems on Japanese sites?

  1. There is no vendor that you can ask or request in English for work on a Japanese site.
  2. You want to use your employee's Smartphone (iOS or Android) as an extension of your company's telephone system.
  3. You want a reply or answer soon, but it always takes a long time.

Wizard Telecom solves them.

  1. You can contact us in English 24 hours 365 days.  You can ask us for on-site work.  Smart Hands, Connect our PC to your system for your remote, Racking devices, LAN cabling, Disposal, etc.
  2. You can use your employee's Smartphones (iOS or Android) as extensions of your company's telephone system, not a cloud service.
  3. You can get a reply or answer within the same day.

If it is for NEC Aspire, Cetis Hotel Phone, Onsite work in English by Japanese engineer at Japan site,

LAN or Telephone Cabling, Cisco Switch, etc.

Please feel free to ask anything. We will get back to you soon.

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