TOPIC: We started dealing with Cetis. Wizard Telecom is the Sole distributor of Cetis in Japan.

Avaya CS1000 Series,Nortel PBX, AVAYA IP Office, Cisci CM and CME,NEC Aspire UX

For User or Vender of Avaya CS1000E, Nortel PBX、Avaya IP Office、Cisco CM/CME、NEC Aspire in Japan

Don't you have the following problems in Japan site?

      1. There is no vender who can cope with a problem immediately in emergency.
      2. There is no vender who can correspond in English.
      3. There is no vender who can support an End of Life system of Avaya CS1000E or Nortel PBX.
      4. You want a quotation immediatly, but it always takes around a week.
      5. You want ask an urgent request for MACD(Move, Add, Change, Delete), but it always takes more than a week.

If you have Wizard Telecom,

      1. You can contact us 24 hours 365 days.
      2. You can e-mail in English both engineer and sales.
      3. You can ask us to support End of Life system of CS1000E or Nortel PBX.
        ・Wizard Telecom have most of the parts of CS1000E and Nortel PBX.
      4. You would be able to get a quotation on the same day or the next day.
        ・In the case for a quotation to take time (for example, new install or Upgrade), it would be around three days.
      5. When you are in hurry, we will try to do that day or the next day.

If it is an Avaya CS1000E, Nortel PBX, Cisco CM or CME, NEC Aspire,

Let's ask anything to Wizard Telecom.

      • A quotation for a system /work fee /maintenance fee
      • Fix a problem, repair a equipment
      • How to use a feature of phone or voice mailbox
      • Maintenance contents
      • and others

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