About Cisco CME and CM

There are two main type of Cisco Phone System

  1. CME (CUCME) :
    ・Small and medium-size (from a few users to about 400 users). Mainequipment (Router) is only one (Voice mail is also built-in the router). No Duplication.
  2. CM (CUCM) :
    Business Edition 6000
    ・Medium to large-size (up to about 1,000 users). Main equipment (Server) are from one to several. Router is needed as Gateway. Duplication (Clustering).
    Business Edition 7000
    ・Large-size (more than 40,000 users). Main equipment (Server) are sveral. Router is needes as Gateway. Duplication (Clustering).

Corresponding to the language of the world for phone display and voice mail.

Example of Cisco IP phone and Router

Example of Cisco IP phone and Router Image