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Example of a foreign-affiliated

They have been using Nortel PBX for eight years.

  1. The PBX became old and came to have to revise it.
  2. Since they have been using digital phone, they wanted to change to IP phone that is easy for move and management.
  3. Salesmen call abroad with mobile phone out of office and it was very expensive.
    (When they call abroad in their office, it is very cheaper, because their company have a contract with a telecommunications company.)
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They decided to change the phone system to Cisco CME.

  1. It became IP phone.
  2. They gave 50 salesmen iPhone and have them use Cisco Jabber. So that mobile phone rates became very cheaper, because it uses PSTN in your company like they are in their office.
  3. And they can call their office and access voice mail in their office free of charge.
  4. In their office, they can always use iPhone as an extention.

What is Cisco CME ?

  1. Cisco is an American network manufacturer who is a world share No.1.
  2. Cisco CME is a router working as PBX. Cisco CME is necessary to use Cisco Jabber.
  3. Then main body of Cisco CME is Cisco ISP 2900 series and 3900 series. There are 8 types from 2901 (up to 35 IP phone) to (up to 450 IP phone).
  4. The voice mail is a module and it can be built-in the router. So that main body is one and it is low price system.
  5. Cisco CME supports Japanese and other many countries for telephone's display and voice mail. Cisco CME has the function that is equal or higher than Japanese PBX.
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